Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do

Leave it to some employees at Japanese retail chain Uniqlo to show off the best way to fold t-shirts.

Instead of simply folding the shirts, each one is creased in a slightly different place. When stacked, you can see the entire design on the side of the shirt bundle. Very clever!

Not all Uniqlo stores stack shirts this way—and I'm sure there are other retailers in Japan (and other countries) who are also doing this. Below, you can see the traditional way Metal Gear Rising shirts were recently stacked at Uniqlo in Japan.


But, as pointed out on Twitter and 2ch, Japan's largest forum, there are Uniqlo shops in Japan going an extra mile.


Online in Japan, people called the stacks "amazing" and added that they hoped the practice caught on. Others felt they actually made shopping somewhat more difficult—probably because you just want to admire the folding handiwork!


ユニクロの店員すげえええええええええええwwwwwwwwwwww [2ch]

Photos: miri1820, tdmyk8910, tokai_sayuru

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