These Images Show the Brutal Scars on Mars's Surface

These images show the incredibly striking, scarred surface of Mars. Formed by huge tectonic forces, its canyons are an enduring reminder of stress and strain the red planet has undergone.

Hebes Chasma—shown in the image immediately above and the detail images that accompany this post—was formed by huge tectonic stresses, as were a number of other nearby canyons. The images were acquired by ESA’s Mars Express as it flew over the surface of the planet.

In fact, the image is made up of eight separate shots, pieced together to provide the most detailed ever view of the canyon, which is 8 km deep and stretches 315 km in an east–west direction. You can read more about the geological features over on the ESA website—or just enjoy the view here. [ESA]

Images by ESA