Csak a masztodon lesz, vagy bigét is adjunk mellé?

A kaliforniai BJ Winslow Prop Rentals and Fabrication főleg konzerv birkaszívvel és lófecskendővel foglalkozik, de helytelenül felcímkézett ősállatt-műcsontokat is árul, utóbbiakat rosszul felöltözött fétismodellekkel hirdetve.

Érintőlegesen eszembe jutott, hogy ha a tulajdonos profilt váltana, és önkielégítési segédeszközökből tenne szert komolyabb vagyonra, akkor ő lenne a masztidon.

Sexy skeleton models are easily the weirdest thing you'll see today

Paleobiologist Victoria Herridge stumbled upon this ridiculous photo while conducting a Google image search for an elephant skull. "I am dying," she later tweeted. "This is both depressing & incredibly funny."

These photos comes via the website for "BJ Winslow Prop Rentals and Fabrication," a whimsically macabre prop shop in Sun Valley, CA, that hews more to the MĂĽtter Museum's brand of dark and weird than, say, the tacky atmosphere of your local strip mall's Halloween-supply store.

But so in addition to all the prop heads, severed limbs, jarred sheep-hearts and equine-grade syringes, BJ Winslow's online storefront also happens to feature a fair number of skull- and skeleton-replicas, which isn't really all that weird, given the rest of the shop's wares, except for the fact that photos of these replicas frequently contain, unaccountably, sexily dressed and/or heavy-lidded women.


Another layer of ridiculousness: the replicas are at times misidentified – e.g., this "cave bear" skeleton that Ross Barnett, an expert in Pleistocene-era megafauna, says is most definitely not a cave bear skeleton:


The whole thing is... well... it's weird. Apparently, it's also kind of a thing. Sez Barnett:

Same goes for dinosaur photos, evidently:


Those interested can click through at their own sexy peril.

So what do we make of this? Is this just yet another example of how sex is used to sell just about anything these days, or is there something inherently alluring about ancient skeletons? Is this some shade of geek-kink that we were previously unaware of, or is it just some variation on the human-remains-oriented paraphilia that we've reported on in the past?