Sült hús illatát permetezi a japán Iphone

A 鼻焼肉 (hana jakiniku, azaz „orr sülthús”) illatpermetezőt a fülhallgató helyére kell dugni, választani a borda, a vajas sült krumpli vagy a nyelv (nem úgy, hogy japán vagy angol, hanem sült marha) között, majd szippantani egy nagyot. 3480 jen (7700 forint), novembertől lehet kapni.

Odd Japanese Gadget Lets You Smell Meat On Your iPhone

You know what's better than meat? The smell of meat. That is, should you be a carnivore. And if you are and can't afford proper meat, there's a Japanese gadget for you.

This is "Hana Yakiniku" (鼻焼肉), which literally means "nose grilled meat." As IT Media points out, it's a small 17-gram peripheral you stick into your iPhone's headphone jack that sprays out one of three scents: Short Ribs, Beef Tongue, and Buttered Potato.

Yes, I know buttered potatoes are not meat. But damn, buttered potatoes smell good.

According to wizards behind this product, Hana Yakiniku is perfect for those short on cash, on a diet, or...uh...dating.

Going out to eat for yakiniku is expensive in Japan! So instead of spending 3,000 yen (around US$30) for one meal, you can pony up 3,480 yen (US$35) for "Hana Yakiniku," download the free iPhone app, and use it over and over while eating white rice (or lettuce) to trick your body into thinking you just devoured delicious meat.


Cartridge refills are 1,000 yen ($10), and Hana Yakiniku will be out November 15 in Japan. Where else!

鼻で味わう焼肉ビッグバン [YouTube via IT Media]

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